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Many people struggle with their finances. From getting out of debt with loans and credit cards, even store cards right through to how to best save money. That’s why this website was founded, to help you the consumer get the right advice on all your financial maters. We have helpful advice and comparison tables on all the top loans, savings accounts, current accounts and credit cards. This helps you easily compare different financial products. Finding the correct financial product is half the battle a lot of the time. So our ground breaking easy to use comparison tables should help. They are much easier to use than many others you will see online.

But we found that much of the advice on this site, although very good, was a little fragmented at times. So we also thought in addition to the existing information given by our top financial advisors, we would also give you a comprehensive complete A to Z guide on how to manage your finances. A guide that would take you through step by step rather than just touching on various different subjects with the vast area that we call finance.

This guide does not only concentrate on debt and credit cards which is what a lot of the focus of this site has been about. It also targets all the other aspects of modern day to day finance. So please click through the links below and read our latest addition to UK Financial Options written by Tony Spaldeck. Tony is a top financial advisor and has worked in many top companies dealing with mortgages, investments, loans, bank accounts and credit cards.

Claiming Back Your Penalty Charges
Online Credit Applications
Credit Card Usage Management
Mortgage Loan Company
Fixed Rate Mortgage
Buy To Let Mortgages
Home Equity Mortgage Loan
Remortgage Loan
Commercial Mortgage Loan
Formulating Your Money Strategy
Doing your financial health check
Making Strategic Money Decisions
Cash is the sharp end of your monetary affairs
Managing Borrowing
Avoiding Financial Disasters
Possible Incapacity
Preparing For Redundancy
Car Insurance Information
Financing Your Retirement
Joining an occupational pension scheme
Inland Revenue Limits
Starting a Personal Pension
Making Use of a Stakeholder Pension
Understanding Annuities and Planning For Retirement
Controlling Tax and Benefits
Investing and Saving

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Let us keep you updated with all the latest financial products and services.

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