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Financial News June 2007

As we enter the summer months business starts to thrive and much more money is not just changing hands, but being borrowed. We explore the many news items that are hitting our screens in the month of June. We explore many different financial topics throughout this month.

All about the stripe on your credit card - This technology has been around for years and we explain how the stripe on your card actually works in this in depth explanation.

Government Finally Takes Action - As credit card debt spirals out of control governments are realising that they need to do something about the problem before it is too late and has and adverse effect on the economy as a whole.

Credit Card Collection Practices - The practices that can be involved in collecting debts are detailed in this interesting and eye opening report.

How Credit Card Companies Solicit Your Business - This document looks at how credit card companies are constantly trying to drum up new business and how they do this.

Your Responsibility or Theirs - This is an ongoing issue as people blame credit card companies for their crippling debt problems. We look at who is really to blame for this and if it even lays in the hands of any one particular group of people or companies.

Things To Know About Your Credit Card - How does the system work? Who decides how much to make interest rates on credit cards. How much do they know about our spending habits? We answer all these questions in this very interesting article by Irina Johnson a top financial analyst.

How To Repair Bad Credit - Here are some ideas on how to repair your bad credit score and how having bad credit can effect you.

Finding The Credit Card That Pays The Best Rewards - Many credit cards give out rewards, but many of the reward you can receive can be faily tame. Read this report to find out how to search out the best rewards.

Credit Card Fraud - Irina Johnson has written an article on Credit Card Fraud. This seems to be a popular subject these days and we have a fair few documents on the subject on this site. Mind you it is an interesting and important subject.

The History of Credit Cards, Part 3 - The history of credit cards is such an interesting subject that we have gone into more depth on this subject with part 3 of the history of credit cards.

Discover Card - This american card is interesting to read about as it shows how credit cards vary from our UK credit cards.

History of The American Express Card - This card did not start off as a credit card as we know it but as a charge card. We explore how they pineered the industry.

The History of The CitiBank - We now have Citibank cards in this country, but they have been around the states for many years. They originate from New York and are now an international bank.

All About JP Morgan Chase - Another big American bank which orginates from New York. They have many financial products including Credit Cards, Loans and Savings Accounts. We look at their history and how they operate as a company.

The History of HSBC - This global bank and is the third largest bank in the world and the fith largest company in the world.

Car Loans are on of the most popular loans people take out. The reason being is most people cannot afford to buy a decent car out right. We explain everything there is to know about car loans.

If you want to take a different direction in your career the why don't you think about getting UK Career Development Loan. This can pay towards work related training and education. Many people these days take advanteage of these to improve their skills or learn a completely new trade.

There are many popular UK loans available. They are popular because people feel they make their lives easier and even improve their quality of life. There are secured loans and unsecured loans.

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an exsisting business, it is common to take out a business loan to fund the enterprise.

Self employed people often want to take out loans as well, but because banks consider them more of a risk they often have to take out specially designed financial products. One of these is a self employed loan.

Mortgages are as you know a form of loan which is secured on you house and used to purchase your house. We investigate the details of how mortgages work.

Home owners often want to borrow large amounts for home improvements, finance a business venture or for many other reasons. Because they own there own house they can remortgage it and borrow extra amounts secured by their home. This is called a remortgage.

When people have to much debt in the form of loans, credit cards, store cards and hire purchase they sometimes find it hard to keep on top of all their monthly payments. Therefore some decide to take out debt consolidation loans. This is a loan you take out to pay off all the other loans so that you only have one monthly loan to pay off each month.

We look in more detail at personal loans and how they work. What you need to know about them and how to get one in this very interesting document.

Students often do not have the financial resorces to fund their education and therefore require student loans.

The unemployed often are in need of finance and this is why banks have introduced unemployed loans. It enables them to buy a car for the family or other goods they need for their day to day life.

Shannon who has previously written for UK Financial Options also give her insight into unemployed loans.

We discover how early repayment of a loan can incur extra charges redemption penalties. We look at how to avoid these in future by taking out loans that do not have these in the aggreement and how to find out if you will incur these charges with your current loans.

It is often wise to take out payment protection insurance on a loan when you get a loan. We will explain how this protects you and how this insurance works if you fall on hard times.

Abbey Bank - Abbey is one of the biggest banks in the UK and use to be a building society entitled Abbey National. They are one of the leading mortgage lenders and savings providers Britain today.

Barclays Bank - A huge organisation that is international. They provide financial services accross the globe. They are also the 3rd largest bank in the UK.

Halifax Bank - The largest bank in the UK and named after the town where it was founded. The Halifax has been around since 1853.

Royal Bank of Scotland - This huge organisation has many brands under its umbrella. It is one of the oldest banks in the UK.

The Woolich Bank - Now a part of Barclays Bank it was originaly a bulding society until it went public and then shortly after got bought out by Barclays.

Lloyds TSB - As we know an amalgamation between two banks Lloyds and TSB. This is an English bank and is one of the main high street banks here in the UK.

Nationwide Building Society - Now a dying breed, Nationwide have decided not to go public and float on the stock exchange. Although this has not stopped them from being the fifth biggest mortgage lender and savings provider.

Mortgage Loan Companies - We explain to you how mortgage companies work.

Adjustable Mortgage Rate - Adjustable mortgage rates are exactly that they are adjustable. Please read this document to find out more about this financial product.

Adverse Remortgage - This is something people get when they are short of case and have bad debt problems. There are many companies which specialise in this because they make more money on these than normal mortgages.

Residential Mortgage Loans - These mortgages are for people buying houses to live in as apose to commercial mortgages.

Bad Credit Remortgage Loan - If you have bad credit and want to remortgage your house then there is lots of information on the net you can look at.

CCJ Mortgages - If you have CCJ's against your name then you will need a mortgage which is designed for your purposes.


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