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Financial News July 2007

Well it has been showery month of July. It's like April. This of course does not affect the need to take our loans, save money and sort out your credit card debt. This month we will be exploring many more fascinating subjects in the finance market. Please see below for all the paper written this month on the subject.

Bad Credit Loans - These are loans specifically for people with a bad credit score.

Home loan - These loans are associated with people buying a home. We tell you all there is know about these popular loans.

Payday Loans - These are short term loans until you get paid. There are hundreds of lenders on the internet. We show you how to get one.

Unemployed Loans by Terry Smith - This very exciting new paper on employed loans is written from the point of view of a man who has worked in financial institutions who spcialise in this type of financial product.

Instant Approval Credit Cards - John Longson looks at how credit cards are not only an instant way of purchasing things you cannot afford, but also how you can apply for them instantly as well.

Choosing The Right Credit Card - It is very important that you choose the right credit card for you. Stephen May looks at his strategy for finding a winning credit card.

Credit Cards For Business Owners - I am self employed I know what it means to need cash flow to run your business. Credit cards can help you with this. They also help make the business more efficient with the need not to use petty cash nearly so often.

Different Credit Cards, Different Offers - So many credit cards and so many offers. But what are all these offers and which ones will benefit me.

How To Compare Credit Cards - We have covered this subject before here on UK Financial Options, but due to the extensive amount of information and advice on the subject we thought we would clarify a few things.

Doing The Comparison Shop For Credit Cards - These online shops for comparing goods now exist for comparing credit cards. UK Financial Options even has a comparison shop for credit cards, loans and bank accounts in addition to it's huge resource of financial information.

Tips For Handling Credit Cards - Here are some very handy tips when using your credit cards.

All About Low Interest Credit Cards - We talk about how to find the low interest credit cards and what the latest low interest credit cards are.

Watch For The APR When You Compare Credit Cards - This is a very important aspect of comparing credit cards which is often over looked.

Credit Cards For Students - Bank realise the value of targeting students in the credit card market. It is a way of getting new customers.

Mortgage Loan Companies - We tell you all about Mortgage Loan companies and exactly what they can do for you to help you find the perfect mortgage.

Finding The Best Credit Card After Bankruptcy - Many people can find it hard to find a credit card after bankruptcy, but there are credit cards you can obtain which are designed for this very purpose.

Online Credit Applications - Online credit applications are relatively easy to do but there are certain things that you need to remember to make sure you are successful.

Credit Card Usage Management - It is very important that you manage the amount you use your card otherwise you could end up spending far to much and get into debt than you can afford.

The Negative Side To Credit Cards and Why It Is Important To Compare Credit Cards - Evan Tyler looks at the way credit cards are not respected or understood as a form of payment not just here in the UK, but in coutries all over the world including third world coutries.

Why People Apply Credit Card and What Is Involved - As we delve into the world of applying for credit cards we see how people do this.

Best Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit - Many People with bad credit also need credit cards. As we know there are many credit cards out there for people with bad credit, but how do you find the best bad credit credit cards.

Apply For Balance Transfer Credit Cards - If you have a credit card debt you can apply for balance transfer credit cards to lower the percentage of interest you pay on your finance.

Looking For The Best Credit Cards In The UK - Let us show you how to look for the best credit cards in the UK. This document is based on extensive research.

Online Loans - There are main ways you will find loans displayed on the internet. The first is where the site will ask you a variety of questions to help them find suitable loan and the other is a comparison table such as the one on our loans page.

Compare Credit Cards Before Going Overseas - It is important that before you go overseas that you find the right card to travel with. You can do this by comparing credit cards.

Finding The Best Credit Cards In The UK - The ultimate guide to finding the best credit cards in the UK.

The System and The Financial Benefits Behind Applying For Credit Cards - There are not obvious benefits in having a credit card. To find what these are we need to look at how the financial system works.

A New Trojan Is Used To Steal Credit Card Information - Symantec have discovered this new trojan while doing their daily research into viruses, worms and spyware.

The Top UK Credit Card Comparison Websites - Here we discuss the top credit card comparison websites on the net.

A Philosophical Look At Credit Cards - Jane Sandworth looks at credit cards from a far more Philosophical point of view.

So Many Choices Of Credit Cards To Compare In The UK - The credit card market is so big now there is an enormous amount of cards to choose from.

Compare Credit Cards Before You Go Holiday - If you are getting a credit card to go on holdiay you should compare the different deals available. This is important as you will need to look for quite different benefits from a card meant for using primarily in this country.

Issues When Applying For Credit Cards - You can have issues when you apply for a credit card, so here are some tips on how to avoid these problems and also how to fix these problems if they occur.

Don't Just Use Your Old Credit Card Just Because It's Familiar - It is easy to fall into this trap, but don't be lazy. Compare credit cards every so often and get a new one if there are new better deals out there.

Take Control of Your Credit, Compare Credit Cards - By comparing credit cards you effectively take control of your credit.

Avoid Credit Card Fees - Banks love to issue fees on their credit cards. So you need to be on the ball to avoid these fees. Over the period of a year they can add up to quite a bit and getting them refunded is pain in the neck. It is best to avoid them in the first place.

Gold Credit Cards - This is a term often used by credit card companies to label some of their credit card products, but what does it actually mean.

What Are Secured Credit Cards - This is an important question. You must be clear whether your credit card is secured or not.

How To Compare Credit Cards - You may think yet another guide to comparing credit cards, but the fact of the mater is that most people do not choose a credit card logically. Therefore here at UK Financial Options we feel that we need to drive the point home.

Payday Loans - When unexpected needs arise you may need a loan until pay day. It is not the ideal situation to take out a payday loan, but if needs must then this is what you have to do.

Launch of Combination Card In London - This is a credit card which is also an oyster card. If you live in London then you will know what an oyster card is. If you live in London then check out this card as it will have some useful features.


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