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Financial News May 2008

Financial trouble is still looming as the ecomnomy continues to slow down. We look at many aspects of this slow down and how it effects different aspects of finance. We also look at many other useful information such as loans from the government, are air miles credit cards all they are cracked up to be and many other important financial issues.

More than ever it is important to keep up to date with the latest in finance as things are changing fast at the moment and you do not want to be left behind paying far more than you should for your financial services. Therefore do not just use this useful resource of information. Also use the many other financial news and information sites that are on the net. The BBC Your Money website is probably one of the best financial websites to gleem the latest developments.

Other good resources are Money Super Market, This Is Money and Money Saving Expert.

Are air miles credit cards right for you?
Things To Know About Bad Credit Credit Cards
Reasons For Having Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Advantages of Business Credit Cards
Consumer Credit Act Section 75
Cornwall Debt Increases
Credit Card Cloning
Credit Card Scam Unearthed
Credit Cards and Web Trade
Expensive Credit Cards
Gains for Credit Card Thieves
Government Help on Loans
Insurance and Refunds
Insurance Price Issues
Japan Investments
Lost or Stolen? How to Handle Credit Card Issues
Obtaining a Personal Loan
Payment Protection Insurance Scandal
All About Personal Loans
Police Credit Cards
What is the point of prepaid credit cards
Repossessions on the Rise
Vanishing Mortgages
Watch Your Credit Card Bill

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