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Financial News January 2008

January is hard time for people's finances all round. Not only have many people over spent over the Christmas period, but self employed people have to find the money to pay their income tax bills which has to be paid by the end of January.

Therefore in this months edition of Financial News we will be covering many topics on how to better handle your money when you do not have so much of it. We explore many topics such as traps with credit cards, what a credit reference agency is, how to test your debt, understanding credit scoring and many other useful areas.

Purchasing with Credit Cards
Traps with Credit Cards
Understanding Credit Scoring
What Is A Credit Reference Agency
Testing Your Debt
10 Ways To Save Money
Benefits of Savings
How To Save of Invest Your Money
Individual Savings Accounts
Sainsbury's Bank Internet Savings Account
Product Types For Savings
Saving with Child Trust Funds
Savings and Investments Advice
Trouble Ahead with Free Banking
Warning: Savings Rate Change
What Makes Consistent Savings Account?
Credit Building Solutions
Britain Needs to Protect Itself
Free Banking or Unfair Bank Charges
Reintroducing Child Savings
How To Get The Most From Reward Credit Cards - Part 1
How To Get The Most From Reward Credit Cards - Part 2
UK Economy Growth
UK Rate Cut
US Recession and Britain


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