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Financial News June 2008

This month there are several new articles regarding mortgages, payday loans, and credit cards.  The information may be able to save you a great deal of money due to the nature of each of the articles.  We have expert writers researching these three topics to make sure that all items are full of the latest news. 

Any consumer who needs to know what is going on in the industry will be able to take advantage of the many articles posted below.  It doesn’t matter if you want information regarding insurance, current accounts, or just mortgage and loan information; we have that for you below. 

At UK Financial Options we spend each month searching for the latest news.  In Financial News June 2008 you have the current information for this month.

For example, did you know that the US debts are worsening which could affect you in the UK?  The financial market is linked and unless you keep up with the details of what is going on in the world, you won’t know what products you need to purchase to ensure that you get the best.

Products are not only about purchases though.  You have numerous credit card offers on the market, but unless you know how to protect yourself not only from fraud but also from debt, you might be in a never ending cycle.

At UK Financial Options we recognize that consumers are extremely important to the financial industry, but you don’t always want to be sold a product.  To just find out the facts with an unbiased opinion you are in the right place.  We don’t try to sell the products we talk about in the articles, but provide you with the news to make an educated decision regarding your financial future, and better yet the information is all on one site.

100 Percent Mortgages
36 Percent Fall in First Time Buyer Loans
Arrangement Fees for Mortgages
Bank Account Situations
Bank Accounts Are Changing
Buy to Let Mortgages
Cotton Traders Scam on Credit Cards
Credit Card and Loan Insurance Changes
Credit Card Insurance a Scam?
Credit Cards: A Source of Desperation
Current Account for UK Consumers
Debt Consolidation Loans Can Help
Earn Higher Interest on Your Current Account
Fixed Rate Mortgages Increasing
Halifax and Mortgages
Insurance in the UK
Loan Insurance
Loans from First Direct
Lower Credit Card Fees?
Monlink and Mobile Banking
Mortgages in Recovery
Payday Loan Companies
Payday Loans and Pawn Shops
Payday Loans can be a Problem
Payday Loans Increase Debt Issues
Quick Money Option
Reverse Mortgages Have Advisers Concerned
Secure Loans
Stolen Card Details Used in Hotel
US Debt Worsen which Could Affect UK


Let us keep you updated with all the latest financial products and services.

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