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Compare Credit Cards before Going on Holiday

When you are going on a holiday make sure to play your cards right. Many consumers worry about taking out a credit card because of credit card fraud. A credit card though, is an essential when booking a holiday. There are several credit card tips to follow when using credit cards.

Consumer Direct Scotland advises people to book a holiday with a credit card because often times the credit issuers guarantee that in an event that a tour operator, hotel or airline goes out of business or does not provide you with a service that you paid for then you do not have to pay. When choosing a credit card make sure to compare credit card companies.

When you are comparing credit card companies you will find that most companies offer not only a holiday guarantee but a guarantee for other goods and services that were not rendered.

When booking a holiday with a credit card the best protection that a consumer can have is booking a holiday with an agent. The agent should be ATBA and ATOL bonded. ABTA bonding covers a holiday that does not include air travel. ATOL is a type of program that is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority. The ATOL protects consumers who purchase airline tickets.

Every one should become familiar with their consumer rights before going on a holiday according to Consumer Direct Scotland. Problems that travelers can come into contact with are substandard accommodations, flight delays and holidays not matching the brochure visuals. It is important to be aware of you rights. This can reduce stress levels when something does not go as planned.

One of the biggest suggestions is to compare credit cards. Know exactly what you Credit Card Company guarantees and what is covered under the company’s fraud protection policy.

Another suggestion, while on holiday, is that if you have a problem immediately bring it to the attention of the customer service representative at the resort or hotel. You can also collect evidence such as photographs if you think this is necessary.

Before going on a holiday make sure to have a European Health Insurance Card. This card is necessary in order to receive healthcare while visiting Switzerland or an EEA country.

Double check whether or not you need visas to travel to your holiday destination. If you do need travel visas make sure to apply for them in advance. Sometimes visas can take a few weeks to a couple of months to arrive.

When you book your holiday make sure to check for any hidden costs that may be in the fine print. Some times there will be extra charges added on in the form of supplements to pay or airport taxes.

Remember to compare credit cards before going on holiday. Book your holiday with a credit card that offers you some sort of guarantee. All of these tips will help protect you when going on a holiday. Do not be afraid to book your next trip with a credit card.

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