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It is always a difficult proposition to find the right UK credit card. Whether you are looking for a low interest credit card or one that provides you with air miles, there are always hundreds of choices. In such a situation, it can be near impossible to find the right one. What you can really do is compare credit cards based on their application like for business or personal. Some credit card options are:

  1. Business: If you have started your own business, small or large or industrial, you can find a credit card that will offer you high discounts on anything that you purchase in accordance to your business requirement. Your credit card should also be able to offer you air miles if your business needs you to travel more often. Check the annual fee, and the interest rates. One good example is the American Express – British Airways credit card. The BA Credit Card offers 1 mile every time you spend £1 and there is also a BA Premium Plus Card and they will offer you 1.5 miles every time you spend £1.
  2. Rewards: If you are looking for rewards then you need to choose a credit card that offers you gifts and various other things against the points accumulated through purchases made by you.
  3. Money back: Money back is an important feature and can vary from 1%-5% in money back. The money will be paid to you at the end of the year through cheque or it will directly get credited into your account. If you spend approximately £500 every month on fuel then a card that offers 1% money back will pay you back approximately £60 at the end of the year. Two of the best money back credit card companies are Morgan Stanley and American Express. Money back offers are there on the Egg credit card also.
  4. Discounts on purchases: This is important if you shop a lot. Whether you are purchasing groceries or buying a Versace, there are credit cards, which will offer you as much as 20% discount depending on what you are shopping and from where. Credit cards have their own associations with various shops like the Spencer so that you can avail of the necessary discount. One of the top credit card in UK for purchases is the Mint credit card. Although it has a funky teenage kind of design but it offers 0% interest rate on purchases for at least 6 months.
  5. Airline Miles: You will get free airline miles everytime you purchase a air ticket using the cards and these free miles can be redeemed for a free air ticket. The Natwest card is good for this purpose as they provide free airmiles with every purchase and offer a travel accident insurance of £50,000.
  6. Secured: One of the top secured credit cards in UK is the Marbles credit card. Some of the features are:
    • Get the card online in 60 seconds
    • A minimum cash advance fee of £3.00 or 2.5%
    • 0% on balance transfers for 12 months

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