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A New Trojan Is Used To Steal Credit Card Information

It seems that online criminals are now using Windows registration pages to scam consumers. Criminals are using the pages as a way to trick consumers into giving out confidential information.

This new scam was first noticed by researchers employed with Symantec. Symantec, a security firm, has found a new Trojan that is designed to steal credit card information. The Trojan poses, for Windows XP, as an anti-piracy control.

Consumers are being warned to compare credit cards when giving out personal information online. The Trojan produces a window that informs the user that a copy of their Windows program was activated by another user.

In order for the user to “re-activate” Windows, so to speak, the user must divulge their email address, credit card information and phone number. If the user does not enter in the information then the Trojan shuts down the machine.

Since online piracy has become such a huge issue in recent years it is important to compare credit cards. Make sure that it is a genuine request and not a criminal trying to steal your personal information. This is why it is wise to have payment protection on your cards.

Last summer, another incident occurred, in which an instant messaging worm was masquerading as a Microsoft anti-piracy tool. Piracy crimes occur every day as information is taken from Internet users.

Protect yourself while online. Make sure to compare credit cards, verify that you are dealing with a legitimate web site and make sure that you are dealing with someone reputable before giving out any personal information.

If you feel that you have been a victim of a piracy crime or identity theft make sure to contact the local authorities or your web provider. Thousands of people have had their personal information compromised while online.

Credit cards are great to have. A credit card is instant cash in your pocket. Just make sure to compare credit cards before giving out any information. Even before you sign-up with a credit card company ask what the company’s policy is on online crimes.

Many credit card company’s have an online fraud protection guarantee. This means that if you credit card information is stolen and purchases are made in your name you will not be responsible for buying for the purchases. This is a must have in the technology driven twenty first century.

Do not be afraid to not give your credit card information out. If you have doubts then investigate further into the situation before you give out any of your personal information. Online crimes cause damage to a victim in several ways including financially.

Why should you have to suffer because some one stole your information? Your credit card is a very valuable resource to have. Make sure to protect your credit card number in order to prevent fraud.

Compare credit cards, double check who you are dealing with online and watch out for online scams. This is just one of the latest online scams that is being used to get a victim’s personal information. Do not become a victim of online piracy instead play it smart and safe while online.

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