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There are millions of credit card users nowadays. Many consumers simply prefer to take transactions using their attractive and highly reliable plastic cards, as credit cards are usually called. Many stores, retail shops, restaurants and just any business establishment accept credit card payments because many of their customers prefer to do so.

Now, most people are not carrying actual cash with them wherever they may go. Thus, incidences of theft and robbery are also prevented. Besides, consumers do not want the confusing process of counting money and change from their transactions. To be able to carryout cashless transactions, charging purchases using the credit card is very much advisable.

However, it is just usual that there are credit card users who fall indebted because of irresponsible and negligent credit card usage. Some people accumulate credit card risks that are way beyond how much they could actually and possibly handle. That is why experts advise customers to first assess their spending and earning capacity before deciding to use credit cards.

There are three basic questions that a credit card user should ask himself or herself often. These questions are: Is credit card really necessary? Is credit card payment affordable? Can the monthly balance and payment be comfortably paid? If the answers to all three are on the affirmative, then, it would be wise to own one. Otherwise, a person should accept the fact that such a product would only be too risky. It would also be wise if consumers would choose among the best credit cards in the market instead of settling for the less popular and unreliable ones.

Experts advise people to be conscious and cautious when using the credit card. Here are several tips that would help any credit cardholder handle and manage the use of the plastic card well.

- Before using the credit card, be sure to check the carrying balance. Because of intense competition, major credit cards are offering very minimal interest rates. However, studies have shown that on the average, most money cards implement 20% interest charges on the total debt. Also check the interest on your billing statement so that you could monitor if there any undisclosed adjustments, which is illegal according to current legislations.

- Review your monthly bill statement carefully before settling any amount with the cashier. If you have complaints or questions regarding the billing, immediately call the company's hotlines.

- Do not easily jump into introductory offering promotions. Often, these promos are just schemes to attract customers. The pitfall is that such offers usually entail significantly higher rates after the expiry of the offer. In the end, you would realize that the savings you generated from the introductory offers are much offset by the premium amount you are paying.

- Be a responsible shopper. Purchase goods according to your spending capacity. As always, overspending should be avoided to prevent troubles.

Overall, responsible spending and practicality would help you best handle your credit card usage. It would also help if you have the discipline to use the card only in times of emergencies. Remember that if you spend way above your purchasing capacity, you would have trouble repaying the amount in the future. And your credit rating would be affected.

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