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Barclaycard OnePulse Details and Features

0% on Purchases for 6 months
Built In Oyster Card
Typical APR
Annual Fee
No Annual Fee
Minimum Age
Over 21 years old
Minimum Salary
No Minimum Salary
Online Fraud Guarantee
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Launch of a combination card in London

Barclays announced the launch of a 3-in-1 card in London sometime in this year itself. This 3-in-1 card has combined Oyster as well as a credit card to offer customers some of the best services and privileges. Barclays is promoting the card through an online marketing program and people can even register online now although they will get the card only after the launch.

This special card from Barclaycard will be called the One Pulse Card and people will be able to use it for making purchasing up to £100. The biggest difference between any normal credit card and the One Pulse card is that people don’t require their signature or a pin number to use this 3-in-1 card. If you compare credit cards on any of the online websites, you will find that no other credit card offers you the privilege of purchasing directly from a vending machine.

The One Pulse card is being taken out with collaboration between some of the biggest names in the UK like Visa, London Transport and Barclays. As of date, many retailers have signed up for the One Pulse card program. The retailers come from different backgrounds like shop-owners, cafes, newsagents, and other businesses. Any business that wants to benefit by using this making payment easy system can become a One Pulse card retailer. This payment system is beneficial for not only retailers but also customers.

Elizabeth Chambers representing Barclaycard believes that the Barclaycard OnePulse is step forward for Barclaycard as well as the credit card industry and this card will determine the future regarding payments made in London. According to her, the card brings hope to many Londoners who will be able to enjoy the benefits and the privileges offered by the OnePulse card post launch.

You can also compare credit cards with the new OnePulse card and you will be able to see the difference. As a part of a nationwide marketing campaign, Some of the companies offering Vending machines will be signing up for this special scheme to promote the OnePlus credit card. As a customer, you will be able to directly purchase from a vending machine using this card instead of using cash as has been happening for so long. These vending machines will have a built-in reader that will be able to read the encrypted data within the card and take the exact amount money required from the OnePlus card.

Barclaycard is one of the premier credit card companies in the UK and this card comes as no surprise although the emphasis lies on the fact that this card has been taken out primarily to create a better customer experience for OnePlus card holders. An Oyster Card official stated that the card will be successful in the UK because of one simple reason, which lies in the fact that the entire concept is innovative and has been created to increase the usability and effectiveness of a credit card as far as customers are concerned.

If you visit any compare credit cards website, you will find that there is no card that doesn’t require the signature of the credit card holder.

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