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Shannon On Finance

Shannon has written countless articles and papers on finance and is an expert in the field. We have the privilege of her expertise and writing skills as she has written countless articles for us on Credit Cards, Loans and many other financial related topics. Her wisdom in such matters is limitless and insightful. So without further introduction please take a look at our list of articles by Shannon. She has also written a series of articles on The American Perspective on Credit Cards check out these articles which are exclusive to UK Financial Options.

List of Shannon's Pages:

Resturant Workers Skim Credit and Debit Card Payments
A New Era of Credit Cards
Annual Fees, is it a matter of time before they are reintroduced
Applying For An Instant Approval Credit Card
Automobile Rebate Cards
Beginners Guide To a Credit Card
Benefits of using different credit cards with different deals
Building Favourable Credit History
Choosing Airline Credit Cards
China Opening It's Doors To Outside Banks
Chinese Credit Card Boom
Creating a Solid Credit History
Credit Card Fees
Credit Cards In Today's Society
Credit Card Statements
Christmas Shopping and Credit Cards
Debt Income Ratio
Deciding If Credit Card Travel Accident Insurance Is Worth It For You
Deciding If Having Multiple Credit Cards Is Right For You
Deciding When To Cancel Your Credit Card
Determining Your Credit Card Style
Finding The Perfect Petrol Rewards Credit Card
Friends Discussing Credit Cards
Getting Your Credit Card Due Date Changed
Getting Your Very First Credit Card
How Credit Cards Are Manufactured
How Credit Cards Are Marketed
How Do Banks Make Money With Cash Back Credit Cards
How Many Credit Cards Have You Applied For This Year
How To Cancel Your Credit Cards
How To Complete A Balance Transfer
How To Negotiate With a Collection Agency
Keep Credit Card Costs Down
Keep Your Bills In Order With Your Credit Card
Keeping Your Credit Card Safe When Making Purchases Online
Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate
Negotiating Your Debt With The Credit Card Company
Peterson On Credit Cards
Prevent Becoming A Victim of Identity Fraud
Pros and Cons of Airline Miles Credit Cards
Pros and Cons of Credit Cards
RBS Venture With The Bank of China
Reasons For Using a Credit Card
RFID Technolgy
Selecting A Credit Card For Your Small Business
Shannon's Take On Loans
Shannon on University Students and Credit Cards
Taking Care of Your Credit Card Balance
The Basics of Student Credit Cards
The Beauty of Cash Back Credit Cards
The Cons of Credit Card Cash Advances
The Difference Between Small Business Credit Cards and Corporate Credit Cards
The History of Chip and Pin
The History of Visa Credit Cards
The Introduction of ATM's
Thinking Responsibly With Your Credit Card
Tips For Consolidating Your Debt
Tips for Playing The Credit Card Game
Transfer Fees
Understanding Different Types of Credit Card
Understanding How Credit Card Transactions Take Place
Understanding The Difference Between Variable and Fixed Rate Credit Cards

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