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How do you find the best deal on credit cards? The best zero interest on purchases? The best zero interest period for balance transfers? The best deal on fees for balance transfers? It is not as if you sit around the table with your friends and family discussing the merits of what is on offer in the UK and who is offering the best deal. You may have seen the advert with the two guys and the woodpecker, but that is just an advert and not real life; basically we don’t talk about money, a bit like sex really.

Money and debt are dirty words even though most of us are in some form of debt; a friend of mine read an article stating that most people in serious debt if they have over £5k of credit card debt, he had £105k and really started to panic! So what should you do to find the best credit card deals in the UK and what constitutes a good deal for you may not suit another.

In the news recently it came out that thousands of people here in the UK will become bankrupt mainly because they spent too much at Christmas. We all want a good time but there are ways to reduce the impact when the January bill hits the mat. There are around 149 cards on offer in the UK at the moment offering some form of deal to entice people to their cards, but which one to choose and would you want to trawl through 149 different specifications when do it all for you.

One term for a person who swaps their balance from card to card is a tart which isn’t very flattering, but why worry if you are saving money? The best thing to do is look at your situation and decide if you will use the card again or be a good boy and pay it off. As soon as you use the card again the spiral commences and you are back on the same path, but who can do without a good deal on a credit card? Credit card comparison is a good thing to allow you to get a good credit card deal be it zero percent on payment or zero percent on balance transfers so do your homework and get the credit card deal you want.

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