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How credit cards are marketed

Credit cards are marketed in a variety of ways, from direct market campaigns to television commercials. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each targets a different market group. For this reason, the precise marketing strategy used for a credit card may vary a bit depending upon the target consumer.

When it comes to department store credit cards, the most common marketing strategy is to simply have the cashiers ask customers if they would like to apply for a store credit card. In addition, signs may be posted by the cash register or throughout the store advertising the perks of carrying a store credit card. As an added incentive, these cards often offer interest free periods promotions, instant cash back incentives, or discounts for store credit card holders. Spending money in the form of these incentives is an effective means of marketing because it draws the customer into applying for the card. Once the card is in the person’s wallet, he or she is more likely to make future purchases with it.

Direct mail campaigns are also an effective means of marketing. Credit card companies can target consumers according to their needs and lifestyle. For example, credit card companies that specialise in providing cards to people with bad credit can send a direct mail letter to a person who has recently filed for bankruptcy. In this way the credit card company is assured the receiver of the card offer is someone who might be interested in that type of card.

Television commercials are also used by some credit card companies. While commercials can reach larger audiences at one time, they can be quite costly. Therefore, this method is not used as often as direct mail campaigns, which cost very little money.

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