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Resturant Workers Skim Credit and Debit Card Payments

The trend of credit card fraud is continuing to rise. Much of this is blamed on the easy access to portable credit card skimmers which enable to the user to skim a credit card through the machine to steal the details of the card. Many restaurant workers are employed by criminals to do this at their day job as a waiter. When they take the card from the customer to make the payment they skim it through a portable skimmer to take a clone of the details. These are later then downloaded onto a common PC and used to make a cloned copy of the credit card.

In the UK Police have managed to arrest many people for credit card fraud of this type, but really they have only caught the tip of the ice burg. This type of fraud is run by organised crime and is a multi billion pound business throughout the world. Many gangs work on a global basis doing this amongst other types of fraud. They often have multiple identities and skip from country to country without getting stopped. There is no doubt about it these credit card fraud gangs are very clever.

Other scams they involve themselves in are using the skimmers to put on security doors where people swipe their credit cards or debit cards through to be let into cash machine rooms after office hours. The gang will put the skimmers next to the main swipe machine and many people will put the card through the criminals swipe machine first before realising that it does not open the door. They then put it through the other swiper and open the door and do not think anything of it. After several hours of doing this they then take the swiper home to download many credit card details after an easy night of identity theft.

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