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Credit Cards From The American Perspective

Our American writer has written some very interesting and useful articles on the subject of credit cards. But being as we are from the UK and these articles have been written in the United States, they have a very different take on the subject which makes very interesting reading.

Of course America is the king of the credit card and many of the international players in this industry are US based companies. Click one of the links below:

All About JP Morgan Chase
The History of The CitiBank
Discover Card
Credit Card Fraud and How To Avoid It
Visa and Mastercard
Air Miles Credit Cards in the USA
Beware of Phishing
To Pay or Not to Pay: Is it a Good Idea to Pay Your Taxes with Your Credit Card?
The Financial Dominance of the Credit Card Industry
Keeping Your Credit Card Safe
Traveling With Your Credit Card
A Look at Current Bankruptcy Laws
Fixing Mistakes on Your Credit Report
Flying With Credit Card Airline Miles
Get Stylish with Your Credit Card
Keeping Your Credit Report Clear
Modern Day Vending Machines
Using Pre-Paid Credit Cards for College Students
Making Sense of the Prime Rate
Protecting Your Credit Card Account Information
Reasons to Use a Credit Card Instead of Cash
Rising Minimum Payments: Friend or Foe?
Staying Out of Debt While Using a Credit Card
Pay Your Way Out of Debt with Your Tax Refund
Tips for Shopping Online With a Credit Card
Understanding Airline Miles Credit Cards
Understanding Cash Back Credit Cards
Understanding Prepaid Credit Cards
Understanding Rewards Credit Cards
Understanding Student Credit Cards
Using Credit Cards In The USA
What to Look for in a Credit Card
What to Watch Out for in Pre-Paid Credit Cards

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