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Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud is a very fast growing problem and encompasses not only credit cards, but debit cards, store cards and charge cards. It is all part of the identity theft problem which is the biggest form of fraud in the UK.

It basically entails a criminal or gang or criminals getting hold of your card details and then using these details to purchase goods and services. Usualy they use them to purchase goods which can be sold on the black market quickly and at a high price. This type of crime often funds organised crime, such as drugs on a large scale.

They can get hold of a persons details in many ways, but there are always solutions to stop these villans.

1) They can intecepting your computer while you are using your credit card. Always have fire wall installed on your computer.

2) They can put devices on cash machines to read the card details and a miniture camera to film you type in the pin number. They can then make up a fake card with your details and then withdraw cash from the machine. Always check the cash machine for extra bits stuck onto them and cover your hands whilst typing the PIN in. This also stops dodgy characters from overlooking you and typing your PIN into a phone and stealing your card from you moments later.

3) Never give your credit card to someone to take away and process a payment. While they have your card they can swipe it and then make a fake card at a latter date.

4) Never give your credit card details to a website page which url does not begin with https:// it must have the s in it otherwise this page can be viewed easily by anyone.

5) Never give your card details to someone on the street claiming to be selling or giving you a cash prize which they are going to pay straight into your account.

6) Never give your card details to someone who phones you up claiming to be your bank, Your bank will never or should never do this. They already know your card details.

7) Never give your card details to an email from your bank, Paypal or ebay claiming that they need them to confirm who you are due to a security risk or some other rediculous excuse. Your bank or any other reputable company will never do this. Even is the emails look like they are from your bank. They are just fakes.

8) Always shred all credit card bills, bank statements and any other documents that carry sensitive financial information. Lots of villans pay bin thieves dearly for your rubbish, so they can get their grubby little hands on your card and bank details.

9) Do not fax your credit card details to anyone.

Card fraud cost us £505,000,000 last year so don't be a victim of card fraud get wise to it and be careful. For a check list of things you can do see Simple Tips To Keep Your Credit Card Secure.

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