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Simple tips to keep your credit card secure

All credit card holders should take certain basic steps to ensure their credit cards remain safe. Consider these tips:

  • As soon as your credit card arrives sign it.
  • Cut any old credit card into small pieces. Cut the magnetic strip on the credit card.
  • Destroy any written record of your credit card pin number.
  • Cover your hand when you input your credit card pin into a credit card reader.
  • Check the amount being debited to your credit card by the retailer.
  • Destroy credit card receipts completely as they contain information about your credit card.
  • Keep all credit card statements safe or destroy them completely. Don’t just throw a complete credit card statement in the bin.
  • Never write down your credit card pin number.
  • Never disclose your credit card pin number to anyone.
  • Be aware of where your credit card is at all times.
  • Don’t keep your credit card with your chequebook.
  • Take out credit card protection insurance.
  • Report the theft of your.

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