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Identity Theft Revealed

If you are wondering what identity theft is and how it may affect you, one web site to visit is  This web site is dedicated to bringing you the current information that you may need regarding identity theft, how to avoid being a victim, and what you can do if you are a victim.  The first thing I noticed about this web page was the home page and the explanation of identity theft.

If all you want is a definition you don’t have to go passed the home page.  This will allow you to figure out if you have been a victim.  The web site has been created by the Home Office Identity Fraud Steering Committee, which means all of the information on the web site is going to be based in fact and they will be able to help you answer any questions regarding issues of identity theft you may have.

One other thing that I have found on the web site during my review is the information regarding children.  Often times we do not think about our children’s social security numbers or id numbers being a target, however these numbers are actually the largest stolen next to older folks.  The fact that the information is prominently displayed to help out parents just adds to the ease of the site.

There are several places to gain information depending on what you are looking for.  Three tabs you can click on for more information are protecting yourself, what if it happens to you, and who can help.  You also can find out what is being done on a police and security level regarding the increase of identity theft. 

If you are worried about identity theft happening to you there are a number of ways listed on the web site for you to protect against the possibility of becoming a target.  The site is going to go over how you can keep your personal information secure, your credit cards safe, documents, passwords, and other information regarding your life safe.  The idea is that the articles are targeted for quick reads and suggestions on how to handle your information to keep it out of the hands of the criminals.  There are a few links to help you establish protection regarding your personal and business lives. 

You will find that if the information is not on the page you are on there will other links as well.  For instance if you are unsure what to do about a suspicious email you can click a link for advice to find out the full procedure.  This is one small thing that does irritate a little bit, however it does serve a purpose.  The first page is meant to be a quick guide to help you find the area of information you want rather than scrolling through a hundred pages of information at once.  So the link is helpful, but you may find you would rather a quick index and the information below rather than being sent elsewhere for the information.

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