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Financial News August 2007

The hot weather is finally here and the kids are off school. Time to go out for day trips and go to see movies at the cinema. But this all costs money so this month we have got for you lots of useful information on how to manage your money when you are on holiday. Lots of useful articles on credit cards and how to compare and find the best one for you. Plus we cover many other very useful subjects on credit card, loans, savings accounts and bank accounts. So please read on and if you ever have any questions please click contact us to drop us a line. We will be happy to help.

We also review some of the UK's top financial webistes. This is a very useful resource and is worth it's wait in gold.

About Card Guide - One of the top credit card comparison websites in the UK we look at what a useful resource this website actually is.

About Cardsense - Another very useful credit card comparison website what you can find in top rankings of Google. Many of the top credit cards are listed on this site.

About Fool - We dont mean the pudding or to be a fool, we are talking about one of the top financial comparison websites. You can compare not only credit cards, but loans, current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, insurance and many other financial products.

About - Great site. Not only good for comparing financial products, but also good for impartial information. There are many very useful articles on this site to help you with your finances.

About MoneyNet - Yet another comparison website I hear you say, but it is worth looking through them all because they do not all give you the same range of products.

About Money Supermarket - This is probably the biggest UK comparison website of them all and covers a massive range of products. The company that runs it is due to float on the stock exchange soon and the company invites members of the public to invest.

About ThriftyScot - What a great name and its not a bad site either. There is an extensive amount of information on the site regarding Financial products.

About uSwitch - Most famous for helping you to find an alternative electricty provider or gas provider, they also provide comparisons on many other services and products such as credit cards.

Using Credit Cards To Pay For Holidays - Some think this is a bad idea but here Sam Mitchell explains why she thinks it is a good idea.

Impulse Buying With Credit Cards - We look at the thinking behind impulse buying and how it effects how finances and how more and more as a society we have poor spending habits.

Paying Council Tax With Credit Cards - Many people use their credit cards to pay their council tax. Is this a good idea or not? We explore this subject in depth.

Paying The Electricity Bill With Your Credit Card - This is another bill which you can pay with your credit card and it is getting more common to do this.

Using Credit Card Cheques To Put Money Into Your Bank Account - This is a good idea from one perspective and not a very good idea from another. We look into this in more depth.

The UK Credit Card Industry - A fast growing business in the UK and indeed around the world. We take a good look at how it is developing.

The UK Is Flooded With Credit Cards - Are we reaching saturation point within the credit card market. Is their yet further space for growth in this lucratvie market?

The UK Credit Card Market Is Complicated and Over Crowded - Yet another study of the UK Credit Card market.

Credit Card Companies, Their Charges and Reputation - Many card companies and banks have a reputation that they do not deserve.

Credit Cards and Finances - People are so busy in todays society that they often overlook their finances in relation to their credit cards.



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