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More Advice On Saving Money So You Can Pay Your Credit Card

We have spoken about this before but it is worth reiterating the point.

Look for 0% balance transfers on other credit cards.

Phone your credit card company and explain to them you are thinking of getting a balance transfer. Many banks will then offer you a lower percentage on interest if you do this.

Always pay off more of the most expensive credit card first and minimum payments of the cheaper ones.

You can also make savings in other parts of your life. If you use these savings to put towards paying off your credit cards you will get out of debt quicker.

You can make savings in the following areas:

  • Organise your direct debits so they come out of your account all around the same time. Preferably when you get paid. This means that you know when all the payments are coming out. You can work out how much they come to. So you know how much you need. Also if they come out on the same day as your direct debits etc then you will not have time to spend the money on other things.
  • If you have numerous credit cards you can get a debt consolidation loan. Make sure you get one that will save you money. Some are a rip off and cost more than paying off all your credit cards. Also having a debt consolidation loan will help as it will come out of your account automatically and can be done when you get paid to save you from spending the money on something else.
  • Get Cheaper phone calls from companies like Onetel.
  • Put only a certain amount of petrol in your car. A realistic amount that will get you to and from work and a few other short journeys. Then make this last a week. By doing this you limiting yourself from making unnecessary journeys and will save money.
  • Make sure you are getting the best deal on your mortgage.
  • Reframe from buying unnecessary consumer items. But if you do need to get a new TV or Washing Machine, then get it online as it will be much cheaper.

By implementing this advice it will help to save you money. If you work out how you are saving put this money in a separate account by direct debit and use it to pay off your credit cards.

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