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Debt In Today's Modern Society

Living with owing money is a common part of life in the 00's. Almost everyone has finance. It maybe : a mortgage, credit card debt, car payments or one of many other forms of finance. The easy availability of credit is a reasonably recent occurance. In the 1950s to 1960s credit was very hard to get, consumer credit was very strictly controlled by the government and building societies.

In Victorian times , the only thing disapproved of more than making love was debt. 'Debt' is a horrible word, particularly to older people. It's also a lot less fun than shagging. But similar to sex, we can't do without it. We need to know how to control it rather than it controlling us and pulling our strings.

What is really important is:

  • to understand what we are doing when we go into debt
  • to know how much it is actually costing us
  • to ensure we have shopped around to keep that cost to the minimum
  • to be sure we can afford what it costs - even if our circumstances change
  • to have a plan to pay off the debt at a realistic time in the future.

Within many of the pages of this site, we look at how people manage to get into strife with debt, mainly due to changing circumstances. We work out what action they could take to get out of the mess.

We then look in much greater detail borrowing techniques which will minimise the risk of getting into hard times, and how to do it the low cost way.

If you do get into a financial strife, we show you can dig your way out of it with the as little damage as possible.


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