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Credit cards are basically small cards of plastic that come in many colors. They play an increasingly more important role in our lives. They constitute one of the great modern gadgets we take for granted. But all these cards need to be printed on and that's what we are going to talk about here.

There small format and the fact that they are printed on plastic means that they need to be printed in a special way.

In spite of the fact that the technology we use to print them, which is computer-to-plate enlarges the quality. In this sector of credit card printing, in just half a year we have been working on a great new machine called the simultanXPose! This will improve the production of credit cards. It was produced by Cardag.

This is what they have also been working towards in the greatest credit card maker in the world based in Switzerland. This credit card printing company was founded in 1984 and was the first business in the market that specialised in printing credit cards. It was absorbed in September 2001 by Trüb AG, Aarau. Trüb AG were already the leader in the security documents market, but now they are leader in the printing credit cards market as well. As a consequence of the buy out, all the plastic cards in production that were passed from Cardag, made the Swiss company, Trüb AG able to produce newer and faster technolgy.

Now they offer their clients the ability to get credit cards out to their customers much quicker, which means the banks can get customers spending quicker. This means an increase in revenue for the banks.

They can also offer credit cards in a range of shapes. Take the mint card which has curved corners.


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