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Don’t you hate it when a friend preaches to you that they don’t believe in credit cards and have no debt? Then you look at the clothes they are wearing and how old their mobile ‘phone is. Credit cards are a way of life and the majority of people want one to have what they want, when they want. By the time you have saved up for what you want the item is outdated and the new model is fifty per cent more expensive! The best thing to do is use a reputable credit card comparison service that allows you to look at all the benefits on offer and choose what is most appropriate for your needs. You can look at the rates, the introductory offers and if you are so inclined the small print; especially about the right to change the interest rate or terms at any time…without consulting you.

Credit Card Newbie?

If you are new to credit cards and have a good credit record your choice of card is enormous! If you are keen to keep your spending under control you can choose a low interest rate card that offers this feature for the life of the card; this will probably mean little or no extras but you are saving money, remember what we said about how much things cost separately? On the other hand you could choose a card from somewhere you shop a lot, Waitrose for instance which is owned by John Lewis; their card is managed by HSBC. This will give you a grace period on interest payments but also cashback in the form of vouchers you can use in the stores. This sort of scheme appeals to loyal shoppers but is not good if you bounce around the supermarkets. Others go for Air Miles cards as a way of saving for those long awaited holidays. It is like anything, you pays your money and takes your choice but buyer beware.

Make An Informed Choice.

As with anything in life we make a decision from the information we are given at the time in relation to the product we are interested in. Sometimes we have thought about it for a while and sometimes the enticement is shoved under our noses. Whatever happens make an informed choice; credit cards are products and like any other products are designed to make the provider money. You may get the interest free period but the actuaries have assessed and analysed the chances of how many people in a thousand will pay late or go over their limit. They know this will work in their favour and they will make money unless you are extremely disciplined and pay promptly by direct debit. Use a credit card comparison service that shows you all the products with all their features and benefits such as and you will make the most informed decision you can.

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