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If you are looking at getting a new bank account these days you will find many of them that offer very similar deals, but that said there are some above average deals out there if you shop around.

Of course you need to look for an account with a good interest rate, but also to go with a bank which has a good reputation for good customer service. This can often be worth more than an account with a slightly higher interest rate.

It’s always good to do a bit of research on any bank you go with. Read up on customer reviews and independent summaries. Comparison websites are usually affiliated with the bank and get a commission for every account which is opened as a result of a click through from their website, so don’t take the advice as gospel.

Sometimes the smaller chains of banks give a better customer service than many of the big high street chains. They can often be more flexible and approachable when you have problems. That said, don’t assume they are going to good because they are small. Do your research and shop around.

It’s a pain in the neck to get swap bank accounts try and make sure you get an account with a company that values your custom.

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