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More and more people when asked at the counter how they wish to pay for their new purchase will turn to plastic as their means of payment. An ever increasing number of people rely on their plastic credit card each year.

Why is this? There are many reasons why credit cards are so popular. It might be to spread the cost of the purchase over a period of months or to collect the reward or cash back points that build up on many credit cards. However, increasingly people rely on credit cards as their only means of funding the purchase. It’s no wonder then that as a nation we owe, as United Kingdom consumers in excess of £180 billion. That’s an astonishing amount of money.

The number of companies and other organisations that offer credit cards grows as quickly as our combined debt. Supermarkets were in on the act long ago! And these companies often tae a riskier approach to credit these days by taking on many people who in the past would have been considered ‘too risky’ to provide with credit. Today even the majority of students are likely to have at least one credit card This is perhaps a result of the increased competition for our debt!

If used widely a credit card can be a useful tool in the wallet. It eliminates the need to carry much cash and therefore you may feel safer on the street without a wallet full of cash but are you safer when you get to those shops. The reality is that too many people don’t use their credit cards wisely. Either they spend more than they can afford to repay and can then turn into a debt problem. Or if the money is their to pay off the credit card each month a surprising number of people just don’t manage their finances well and overlook to pay of their balance each month and therefore incur unnecessary interest.

Many credit card providers offer interest free balance transfers and this if used sensibly can free up the need to pay interest on other borrowings by transferring the balance to these credit cards. But you will still have to keep up the monthly repayments and make sure you transfer the remaining balance to a new credit card before the interest free period expires. It is very common for the interest rate to rocket up to levels as high as 20 percent.

So use the opportunity to have a credit card wisely. There is no shortage of cards to choose from so your first step should be to take an opportunity to look at a variety of them and see what they have to offer compared to others. On this site we provide you with a platform to enable you to compare different cards with ease so explore the options available to you.

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