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You can even have a 0 Credit Card

Even it may sound astonishing, it is true. 0 Credit Card are now a new innovation in the credit card market. With time, credit card has become an inseparable part of our life. As it is always not possible to have sufficient cash to meet all needs, credit cards become very handy. And 0 Credit card is just as good as cash where you spend any amount on credit and do not pay any interest at all on the card outstanding. You defer the cost of money that you procure to buy goods and services and benefit you in the process.

To attract more and more consumers, credit card companies are marketing attractive packages, one of which is the 0 Credit Card. Usually, whenever you buy on credit card, the expenditure is reflected in your card account. When you receive the bill, you can pay it in full or in parts. The amount of outstanding on your card carries an interest. In the latest introduction, 0 Credit Card offers you the distinctive advantage of paying no interest on your credit card outstanding at all.

Everybody intending to go for a credit card cannot avail this facility. This is, in fact, reserved for the more demanding and high-value clientele. To qualify for a 0 Credit Card, you need to have a sound financial background and a very strong credit score. Most companies prefer pledging of a bank account as collateral security for the credit card. In case you default in payment on account of your 0 credit card, the issuing company can access this bank account to realize their outstanding amount. However, the companies issue this privilege cards only after due probing of your financial capacities and mostly these clients do not default in payment.

0 Credit Card has also all other features that come with regular credit cards. You can avail balance transfer facilities on this card. This too can be done without any interest liability for varying periods from 6-9 months. Like other credit cards in the market, these unique 0 credit cards have attractive rewards program where, by spending more on the card, you can win lucrative gifts. Sometimes, you even qualify for cash-back programs for purchases made by you on 0 Credit Card.

However, there is a point of caution. All these special feature cards have many hidden charges which you can only discover on reading the offer document very carefully. Sometimes, this 0 Credit Card offers interest relief up to specific periods. Only if you spend on your card during that period, you’d qualify for interest waivers. For all other purchases, you be required to pay interest on card outstanding at prevailing market rate. To always be on the safe side and avoid making unnecessary payment, you must clearly know all aspects from your 0 Credit card agent much before you get the card and begin using it.

Of so many interesting and attractive financial products in the market, 0 Credit Card is certainly a prized possession. Careful use with due planning and regular payment of card dues can significantly enhance credit rating and qualify you for more attractive financial deals.

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