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MBNA donate to World Wildlife Fund when you use your card.

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

The World Wide Fund (WWF) was created in 1961 in Morges, Switzerland, as an organization dedicated to the conservation of our global environment. At this moment, the WWF is dedicated to the conservation of three biomes: Oceans & Coasts, Forests, and Freshwater Ecosystems.

Millions have rallied after the cause of the WWF as they have seen the consequences of an inadequate management of natural resources (like pollution and the extinction of thousands of species). Fortunately, there are many ways in which people can help. One of them is through the WWF Visa credit card.

Thanks to this card, issued by the MBNA Europe Bank, the WWF will receive a royalty fee each time someone is approved for using it. But, that’s not all. For every purchase that is made by the cardholder, the MBNA Europe Bank will transfer a determined amount of money to the WWF account. That way, the WWF can continue its work for the preservation of our world.

Other included benefits are a below the market average Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the ability to pay at millions of different establishments throughout the world, the possibility to retrieve money from hundreds of thousands of ATM’s, and a 24 hour phone service ready to help you with any problem that you may have with your card.

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