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Sir Richard Branson is known for the Virgin Group, a corporation whose business interests include an airliner, a train booking service, a record company, a radio station, its own brand of liquors, and even a spaceship company! It’s no surprise, then, that they decided to get involved in the financial business with a consumer product as well: the credit card.

The Virgin credit card comes in three different colors. The classic Virgin red, a “Sexy Black” and a “Cheeky Pink” as they call it. Imbued with the logo of MasterCard, this credit card offers to its owners incredible offers and advantages that no other credit card can give.

For example, with your Virgin MasterCard, you are eligible to a permanent, 10% discount on all CDs, DVDs, and games bought at Virgin Megastores. And, if you buy a Virgin Mobile, you can obtain a discount of up to 20%.

Other benefits included are a 13% discount voucher that can be used at Commet, Sainburys, Argos, Boots, Garden Centres, Centre Parcs (a network of holiday villages distributed through out Europe), and great deals on Virgin Wines.

Finally, the card owner will receive a free ₤100,000 travel accident insurance, free purchase protection insurance, and the ability to manage his account through the World Wide Web.

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