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Using a Credit Card Abroad

In a more business minded society, it is becoming more common place for individuals, couples and even families to travel abroad frequently for business conferences and if not, perhaps just for constant “globetrotting”

Carrying money around is a thing of the past and many result to using a credit card for all vital purchases ranging from dining out to shopping and any business expenses.

There can be downsides attached with having a credit card purely for use abroad and it is an expensive option when there could easily be adequate alternatives such as typical banking accounts and debit cards.

The Charges:

It is not so much the fact of using a credit card that is the problem, it can be the charges attached to them. Not all lenders will charge fees for the privilege of using a credit card abroad but as it becomes a major trend many companies are choosing to capitalise on this large part of the spending regime.

With purchases or general expenses, whatever the cost, a fee ranging from 0% to 2.5% could be added on every time a credit card is used.

If you want to submit a credit card application for a service which is dedicated to being suitable for constant use abroad then there are many banks / building societies which understand people’s needed and cater to meet the requirements and demands of those who need it.

For example, if you choose to submit a credit card application to Nationwide, they offer a credit card which is ideal for use abroad and best of all, you only pay for what you spend. They don’t add on any charges for using VISA or any other of their credit cards abroad.

The Benefits:

As with a typical UK used credit card, there can be extra benefits on offer for selecting and completing a credit card application for a card which is more suited abroad and this can range very widely (depending on the lender in question).

  • Insurance against loss, damage or theft – If your purchases are stolen then the company may be willing to cover everything in such an eventuality
  • Protect all items whilst in transit

These are just a couple of the many benefits and as I have said can vary greatly but if you want to compare the best deals for credit cards that can be used abroad then by visiting the following website, it can give you an idea of where to begin:

It will make sense to search the market as carefully as possible because if you can obtain a card which doesn’t involve any “hidden extras” on everyday spending then this will benefit you entirely. Why should you be charged extra for what you were going to buy anyway?

When you choose to complete and transmit your credit card application, it is the same whether it will be used in the UK and / or abroad you want the same benefits and privileges with each one, just because you choose to travel and use your card, you should not be penalised for it with extra charges being slapped on.

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