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It may sound strange, but the Sony Corporation has a myriad of products and services that go beyond the manufacturing of TV’s, audio systems, Playstations, and DVD players. There is also a Sony Bank, a Sony Insurance company, and even Sony Finance International. No wonder, then, that they decided to issue a credit card with their name on it.

The Sony MasterCard includes all the advantages of a competitive credit card, plus benefits that only Sony could give you called Pulsebeasts. A Pulsebeat is a reward point awarded to the card owners of the Sony MasterCard. These points can be used as an exchange currency with which they can “buy” exclusive products from Sony.

Fortunately, the new card owner won’t start at zero Pulsebeats. At the precise instant in which he makes his first purchase, he will receive 3,000 Pulsebeats - enough points for claiming two DVD’s. With these points, you can access special offers in music, movies, games, and electronics. After all, Sony manufactures all of them. And, if you buy a Sony product with your Sony MasterCard, you will earn triple points.

Finally, no credit card is complete without some basic things. For example, you won’t have to pay pesky annual fees for the Sony MasterCard. And, if you want to check your account, you can do it from the convenience of your laptop through the Internet.

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