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Rangers Football Club Credit Card


•Balance Transfers 0% for 12 months    •Purchases 0% for 3 months    •Typical Rate 15.9%



The Rangers Football Club is very old. It was founded in 1873, and, since the 19 th century, it has been the favorite club of thousands of Englishmen and women who enjoy watching this sport.

So, if you are a follower of the Rangers, then this is your opportunity to take your favorite football club everywhere you go - and to help it. Every time someone receives the Bank’s approval for using this card, the MBNA Europe Bank will deposit a determined amount of money in the account of the Rangers Football Club. In this way, the Rangers MasterCard, issued by the MBNA Europe Bank, isn’t only a form of payment, it’s part of your lifestyle.

Additionally, the card comes with an astounding introductory balance transfer rate of 0%. For the first 12 months since the day your account is opened, you will not be affected by the usual rate. And, during the first three months of ownership, your purchases will not be charged with an interest rate.

Even better, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is below the market average. And, if you want to check your account, there is no need of going to the bank. You can do everything online through MBNA Europe Bank website.

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