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Credit Card
Balance Transfers
Typical APR
Post Office
14 Months
0% for 3 months
16.9% APR

Post Office Credit Card

Although the main business of a post office is to deliver mail, Post Office Limited decided to spread itself out to other businesses due to the market potential. That’s why, among its many products, it offers the Post Office MasterCard.

This credit card, issued by the Bank of Ireland, offers a series of advantages and benefits for its users. For example, during the first six months of ownership, the cardholder will not have to pay interest rates on purchases or balance transfers. A much longer period than the one found in the market.

Plus, the owner of the card will not have to pay any annual fee for utilizing the card. And, if he needs additional cards for his family members, he can ask for a maximum of 3 free cards.

Other benefits include a customer service center that is available throughout the year (even holidays), Chip & Pin protection in order to reduce the possibility of card fraud, and the possibility of using the card at more than 22 million establishments and 600,000 ATM’s that MasterCard offers.

So, if you are interested in this card, apply online and ask for the different kind of cards available. There is the Classic, the Gold, and the Platinum. Each one of them is tailored to the necessities of determined customers.


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