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Newcastle United Football Club Credit Card


•Balance Transfers 0% for 12 months    •Purchases 0% for 3 months    •Typical Rate 15.9%



The Newcastle United Football Club was founded in the 19th century, at the beginnings of the football era. After more than a hundred years, it continuous to bring joy and entertainment to its fans through all England and from all the world.

That’s why the Newcastle United Rewards credit card is the perfect choice for the enthusiast. Sponsored by MasterCard, you will be able to shop at more than 20 million outlets and retrieve money from more than 630,000 ATMs around the world. As if that wasn’t enough, this MasterCard comes with a few more surprises under its arm.

For every ₤1 that the cardholder spends with his Newcastle United Rewards MasterCard, he will receive 1 reward point. Once the card owner has enough points, he can exchange them for exclusive offers on different products. For example, exclusive wines imported from all over the world or top quality consumer electronic products like home theaters or audio equipment.

But, products aren’t the only things that you can buy. This card, issued by the MBNA Europe Bank, gives you the freedom to use your points at the travel agency of your choice. That’s right, you will not suffer any kind of penalty or be required to make an extra payment for using your reward points in the airline, cruise ship, or car rental of your choice.

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