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Nectar American Express (AMEX) Business Card

The motto of the Nectar American Express (AMEX) business card is “The nectar for business.” Why? Because the main difference between this card and the typical reward card for individuals is that the reward points obtained with the card are used for buying office equipment and supplies.

Each time someone in the company spends ₤1 with the Nectar AMEX business card, the company obtains 1 reward point. And, if the Nectar AMEX is used to make purchases at exclusive sponsors, the organization will win 4 reward points.

Some of these exclusive sponsors include top of the line brands like Viking Direct (an office supplies store), Hertz Rent-A-Car, British Petroleum (in this case, the company earns one point per liter of fuel), eBookers (an online travel company), Thomson (a worldwide publisher), Sainsbury’s (the renown supermarket chain), Thresher, Beefeater (the restaurant chain), Talk Talk (the telecommunications provider) and Debenhams, among many others.

With this exclusive group of providers, it is more than enough to maintain an office and to keep it updated and running. But, these aren’t the only available advantages. Since security is a very important issue in the finances of any company, this card comes with a Chip & Pin instead of the more common magnetic strip. That way, your company is protected from any potential fraud.

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