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National Trust Credit Card

The National Trust is an organization that has dedicated itself to the conservation of the coastline, the buildings, and the countryside inside England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (it does not include Scotland, however, since they have their own National Trust).

Founded in 1895, the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty has fought for the preservation of the mentioned areas. And, any Englishman or woman who wishes to help with the work of the National Trust can now do it with the National Trust MasterCard.

Issued by the reputable MBNA Europe Bank, this card helps the National Trust in their eternal quest for protection. For that reason, each time an owner of the National Trust MasterCard utilizes his card in any part of the world, the MBNA Europe Bank will make a deposit to the National Trust account. Even better, it is at no additional cost of the card owner.

The National Trust uses this money for different activities. All of them focused to their main goal: preservation and protection. Other interesting benefits included in this card are a maximum credit line limit of ₤50,000 (enough for buying a couple of cars!), and the possibility of managing your account online, thanks to the world wide web.

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