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Morgan Stanley Platinum MasterCard

The Morgan Stanley Platinum MasterCard carries the same reputation of its issuer; it’s a financial product with the objective of serving its owners. After all, it’s very easy to offer a credit card with no benefits! The least a card could do is to provide some kind of satisfaction to the cardholders. The Morgan Stanley Platinum MasterCard goes there, and beyond.

With a 3% cash back reward, this credit card could sleep in its laurels and wait for clients to come, but there are more benefits than just that. For example, there is no annual fee. That means you won’t have to pay an annual membership for the right to use this card. Additionally, if you are a victim of online fraud, the bank won’t hold you liable for it, but rather the establishment who made the charge.

In case you are considering traveling with this card, it is an excellent companion. For starters, it comes with a free travel accident insurance of ₤250,000. This includes a Travel Advice service (which provides you valuable information about the country at which you are traveling), emergency medical assistance (a 24 hour medical support centre that will arrange any kind of treatment out of the country), and an emergency cash loan in case you find yourself with no money. What other card can do that for its owner?

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