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MBNA Business Self Employed Credit Card

The MBNA Business Self Employed Credit Card Account was specially tailored for those individuals who wanted to manage their business in an efficient and modern way by using electronic mediums that permit their entrance to the financial system. That way, by separating personal finances from business finances, the owner will be able to know which cash flow belong to him or to his business.

One of the most interesting benefits of this card is that, for the first 57 days since the account is opened, the cardholder does not have to pay interest rates for his purchases. And, in case he has any question regarding his card, he can call a personalized call center where an agent will attend to all of his needs.

But, that’s not all this card has to offer. For the first six months, the card owner also receives a low interest rate, far lower than the ones offered in the market. After that period of time, the Annual Percentage Rate is within the market average, so there will be no surprise interest rates.

Another interesting benefit is that you will receive a special discount from an exclusive list of providers once you start carrying this card. That way, you can equip your office with prices lower than the ones found at retail stores.

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