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Liverpool Football Club Credit Card


•Balance Transfers 0% for 12 months    •Purchases 0% for 3 months    •Typical Rate 15.9%



Also known as the Liverpool, the Liverpool Football Club is one of the best teams in England. As a member of the Football Association Premier League, it has to play against 19 other teams in order to attain the championship. Fans may go the stadium, buy the clothes, and even send contributions. But, is there another way to help?

In response to that question, the MBNA Europe Bank issued this credit card. Every time a cardholder uses his Liverpool MasterCard, the club receives a royalty fee from the MBNA Europe Bank, with no additional cost for the card owner. Later, this money is invested in Liverpool’s Academy in order to continue their search for the football stars of the future.

But, that isn’t the only reward the card owner receives for supporting his club. For every ₤1 that you spend with your card, you will receive points that can later be exchanged for exclusive rewards. For example, subscribe to LFC magazine, save up to 30% on tour packages, ticket planes, car rentals and lodgings, exchange the points for exclusive consumer electronics like top quality TV’s or DVD players and discount vouchers for the most exclusive chain stores.

And, if you need to pay your card, pay for a third party service or make a transfer, you can do it through the online portal of the MBNA Europe Bank. This easy to access website will give you all the tools that you require to manage your account.

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