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Financial News March 2008

We have our usual line up of useful financial information. We are a little late getting the articles published for March, but it is better later than never.

This month we will be discussing such subjects as bank accounts, bank refunds, prepaid cards, the high and lows of the economy, credit card fraud and many other riveting subjects. Remember if you have an article you would like publishing in this section, please do not hesitate to send it into us at

We do not publish all articles, but most articles sent in will get published. Remember make them relevant to this site. In other words something, anything, to do with finance. If a tall possible, make them topical. Topical articles gain more interest and are more useful to the reader.

Also check out our financial blog which we add to each day, Useful Financial Blog.

The Basics of Bank Accounts
Are Your Savings Safe
Bank Refunds In 2007
Barclays Buys Goldfish
Cash No More
Chip and Pin Credit Card Thwarted
Credit Card Deals Disappearing
Finding The Best Loans In The Market
HSBC Could Take a Hit
HSBC Wrote Off 51 Million USD
Do Overdraft Fees Outweigh Interest Benefits
Savings Accounts Can They Keep Ahead of Inflation
UK Credit Card Debt Rising
UK Savings Showing Increase
Abbey Insurance Survey Reveals UK Worry
Chip and Pin System to Fight Fraud
Credit Crunch Not Affecting Ad Spending
European Union Looking at Visa's Payment Card Fees
Fraud With Online Supermarket Scam
Fraudsters Target Nottingham
Personal Injury Reform
Pre Paid Travellers Cards
Talk of Debt Consildation
UK's Top Five Debt
Understanding Payday Loans

Let us keep you updated with all the latest financial products and services.

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