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Essential Part of Life?

If you want to apply for credit cards UK then you are going to be joining the many millions of individuals that hold and apply for credit cards daily.

Having cards is not a major problem but it is vital to hold a card for the right reasons only. Only if you can afford it and are not using a credit card to maintain a possible expensive lifestyle which you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

It seems, that having just one is not adequate enough in this workaday world and you may find that it is not uncommon for some households to hold around a dozen credit cards but what risks does this pose?


Having a dozen cards is not just silly, it is also very irresponsible. It is however, a very common situation. Many find they max out one credit card and need another to clear the repayments on the initial debt and so the pattern continues. This soon leads to a downhill spiral of debt and inability to make all the repayments as the initial credit card may have been used to supplement income which simply didn’t exist.

With credit cards currently being responsible for around £3 billion of the total debt which is plaguing society, the question needs to be asked. Can something be done to stop this? Unfortunately, with the current situation as it is, it will be difficult to try and maintain order, the government has tried to rectify the situation with a number of measures being implemented but it is a case of too little, too late. The problem already exists yet people are more than willing to end up in a bad situation which is getting steadily worse.

Will power does play a large part in the plastic regime because society dictates that we should pay endless sums to look good and maintain what can be classed as an expensive lifestyle that cannot be afforded.

In modern society, willpower is barely in existence with slogans stating “buy now, pay later” offers is often too tempting and this is where credit cards come into play which leads to debt and often the repayments being higher than the original goods purchase prices or worse, the items purchases are repossessed as a result of non payment.

We all work hard to enjoy life and not to worry about endless debt. Credit cards UK can be very useful tools if they are not misused but the slightest slip up can result in dire consequences and ending up like a large percentage of the population, in debt with nothing to show for it.

With such scenarios as that above, it is vital to not end up in such a predicament because whilst cards may seem like a good idea at the time, it will only lead to regret and most of all, disappointment later on.

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