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England Rugby Credit Card



•Balance Transfers 0% for 12 months    •Purchases 0% for 3 months    •Typical Rate 15.9%



Issued by the MBNA Europe Bank, the England Rugby credit card comes with the logo of Visa. This card is accepted at more than 20 million establishments and 630,000 ATM’s throughout the world. So, unless you are lost in the most remote place on Earth, it’s quite improbable that you will not be able to use it when you need it.

But, the card’s benefits aren’t limited to the number of places at which you can pay with it. When you receive one of these cards, you are also automatically entered into a contest for winning tickets to the 2006 Investec Challenge.

On the other hand, for every purchase that you make with your England Rugby credit card at the Rugby store, you will receive a 5% discount. And, if you use your new credit card in your England Rugby Supporters Club membership, you will receive a 15% discount.

Other benefit includes the possibility of managing the credit card account through the Internet. That way, you don’t need to go to the bank to make transfers or any other kind of transaction. Finally, there is a Customer Satisfaction Helpline available at all times during the year. If you have any question regarding your card, the agents at the call center will be more than willing to help you.

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