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Egg Credit Card

The Egg Visa card may cause some shock to the senses because of its bright, green color. But, behind this small eccentricity, it is a card full of features. For starters, it offers a 0% interest rate on any balance transfer or purchase during the first six months of ownership.

But the offerings do not stop there. If a cardholder decides to pay all of its balance within a predetermined month, he automatically receives a 45 day, interest-free period, on all his future purchases.

And what about the dangers of the Internet? If you are afraid of purchasing online, this card offers a series of protections against any kind of net fraud. The first one is an Internet Shopping Guarantee. With this protection, any purchase made without your authorization won’t be charged to your account – no matter the amount.

The second protective feature is an Active Fraud Monitoring division. The specialized personnel within this department are constantly checking for any bizarre purchases made with your card. For example, a train ticket in Brazil or a laptop computer bought in Singapore when you live in the United States may arouse a bit of suspicion.

Finally, if a card owner requires insurance protection during a trip, he or she may use the Travel Accident Insurance Policy. With this benefit, the cardholder can travel without worries. If any kind of accident or tragedy occurs, the card covers all the expenses of the card owner and his family.

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