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Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

The Delta SkyMiles Visa credit card is the perfect choice for the frequent flyer who uses Delta as his preferred airline. With every purchase the cardholder makes with his Delta SkyMiles Visa credit card, he receives miles that can be later exchanged for a myriad of options.

For every ₤1 that you spend with your SkyMiles card, you will receive one mile toward your reward. Once you have accumulated enough miles, you can change them for flights to any of the 500 destinations Delta offers. Or, you may use them for flying at any of the many airline partners of Delta, such as Air France, Alitalia, Singapore Airlines, or Virgin Atlantic.

What about lodging? Delta has thought about everything, so they have partnered with the most exclusive hotel chains in the world. That way, you may use the miles for free nights or accumulate more miles when you use their services.

Plus, if you make any purchase within the first 90 days of ownership of this card, you receive 5,000 free miles. And, don’t worry about using your card at the most remote places of the planet. The Visa logo is a guarantee that your card will be accepted at more than 20 million establishments and 630,000 ATM’s around the world.

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