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Credit Cards and Debit Cards for Internet Shopping

As the use of debit cards grows more people are also using them to make purchases on the Internet. But before you join this ever-growing group there are advantages and disadvantages that you must consider. The debit cards, which are sometimes also known as cash cards or check cards. These have an advantage on the credit cards because they do not cause an additional debt to you. Many consumers find that the debit cards help them to follow their budget because these use the money that you have available in the bank account of whether this be a savings account or a current account, and not money that you do not have, like with a credit card.

The problem of the use in Internet of cards of debit, compared with those of credit, is that the government applies regulations very different from each one as far as protection against loss, robbery or fraud.

The transactions of credit cards fall under the well-known laws in English like the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Spanish have the Law of the Right Invoicing translates and limits your civil responsibility (liability) by a lost card or stolen credit card in a maximum of 50 dollars if you inform the credit card supplier very soon to the credit card company you discover that there is a problem.

Whereas the transactions of debit cards are regulated by the law Electronic Fund Transfer Act or the Law of EFT, under which the user of the card can be responsible by an amount for up to 500 dollars if there is a robbery or fraud and your debit card is used without your consent. When making purchases using your debit card you will usually not get the same level of protection or insurance against on line fraud and therefore it can be worth considering using a credit card rather than a debit card in this instance but be sure to pay off the credit card each month from the funds in your current or savings account.

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