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Getting Your Credit Card Due Date Changed

Sometimes, making your credit card payments on time becomes quite difficult. If you sit down and take a look at your financial situation, you may realize that this is simply because the time of month when the bill becomes due is not good for you. There can be several reasons for this dilemma. For example, your credit card may be due at the same time as the majority of your other bills. As a result, you have too much due at the same time and not enough money to spread around. Or, you may receive your paycheck at times of the month that do not fall in line with when your credit card payment is due. If this sounds familiar to you, you might want to look into getting the due date changed on your credit card.

Often, all it takes is a simple phone call to the credit card company to get your due date changed. Most companies are understanding and are willing to work with you – especially if it will mean the difference between getting paid and having to track you down for payment. If the bank will not change the due date, inquire about a grace period that will allow you to make your payment later without being penalized. If this still doesn’t work, you need to sit down and get yourself organized so you don’t continue falling behind in your payments.

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