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Headquartered in Manchester, UK, The Cooperative Bank markets itself as an ethical bank, guided by the needs of the customers. What does this mean? It means that they don’t invest in questionable companies that pursue controversial studies, such as genetic engineering, arms trade or animal testing, among many other business ventures.

Among the many financial products that they offer to their customers, The Cooperative Bank also offers a credit card. The interesting thing about their cards is that they have a series of unique characteristics. For example, for every ₤100 a costumer spends with his card, the bank donates 1.25p for charity, and without adding any cost to the client.

In the specific case of the Clear Visa credit card, it comes with a free interest period of 59 days since the account is opened. Additionally, it doesn’t charge an annual fee and offers a free travel accident insurance (it covers up to ₤25,000). It also has a 24 hour assistance line for medical and legal assistance in other countries and a discount plan for car rental and hotel rooms.

The credit line can be as low as ₤500 and the only requirements are to be more than 21 years of age and to have a minimum gross annual income of ₤15,000 in order to qualify. For anyone interested in charity and the well-being of society, this is the card for him.

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