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Cooperative Bank Advantage Platinum credit card

The Cooperative Bank Advantage Platinum credit card comes with so many benefits that it is almost impossible to turn down. The most impressive one is that each time you use your card, the Cooperative Bank donates a pre-determined amount of money for various charitable campaigns around the world.

For every ₤100 that a cardholder spends with his Co-op Platinum credit card, 1.25p are donated to a fund with the non-profit organization called the Friends Of Earth. Later, this fund is used for projects such as combating climate change, which was the focus of the fund in 2006. Another interesting campaign funded by this card was one that fought against the use of landmines. Today, these weapons are banned in 144 countries around the world.

But, things do not stop there. Besides these campaigns, the card owner benefits from a series of advantages. For example, if you travel a lot, there are many interesting things you might enjoy about this card, such as ₤100,000 in travel insurance, a 5% discount on car rental and ferry bookings, 7% discount on city breaks, airport parking and hotels, and low cost airfares for destinies around world. With so many good characteristics associated with this card, how can anyone reject it?

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