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Conran Visa Credit Card

The Conran Visa credit card is a unique card. Why? Because many of the credit cards in the market will offer you the chance to win reward points as an exchange for the purchases you make with your credit card – but, the Conran Visa goes a step further.

Instead of giving you reward points for TV’s, wine, or discounts at airline tickets, the Conran Visa gives you money. Not a cash return as other credit cards do, but a more attractive option - Conran Visa gives you a share of the credit card profits. For every ₤100 that you spend with Conran Visa at Conran’s, you will obtain 5 shares. And, for every ₤100 that you spend with your credit card at any other establishment in the world, you will obtain 1 share.

But, this isn’t the only attractive characteristic of this card. A very interesting plus of the Conran Visa is that, in case of Internet fraud, theft, or any other kind of criminal activity involved with your card, you will not be held liable for it.

That means that if someone used your card number for buying himself a laptop computer in Australia, you will not be held responsible. In that case, Visa will take charge of the matter and solve this issue with the establishment who approved the transaction.

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