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Compare Credit Cards When You Are Planning On Doing A Balance Transfer

Many people make balance transfers on a frequent basis. This is called credit card surfing. This is an advisable thing to do, but how is the best way to go about it. You can compare credit cards in many ways, but one of the best ways to do it is to simply look online at this website or another one like it. Most of them are displaying the same credit cards as most of them belong to the same affiliate networks.

By comparing credit cards online you usually get comparison tables which makes it easy to see at a glance exactly what card will offer you the deal that suits you. You can compare the duration of the 0% balance transfer deal as well as the APR, 0% purchase deal or rewards if the card has them. It’s and ideal and modern way of finding a credit card. Take a look at our comparison tables.

The reason these sites exist is because every time you click on a card and complete it the company that runs the website gets paid a commission. So be careful to find a site that has a good selection of credit cards. Don’t just go for the card at the top of the list. Often the cards put at the top of the list earn the higher commissions and this is why they are at the top of the list. Not because they are better credit cards, with better balance transfer deals.

Also beware that most credit cards now include a balance transfer charge these days. Usually it’s around 2%, but this can vary. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you take the plunge. As we always say UK Financial Options, use credit cards sensibly.

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